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Chad Bush

Raven’s Eye Design is run solely by Chad Bush, and I offer a wide range of skills and diverse professional experience. I also have a network of other experts I often collaborate with when complementary skills are appropriate.

A Bit of History

I’ve been a communications professional for more than 25 years. I’ve been a professional web designer for 15 years, and have spent 18 years in professional graphic print design and prepress production. I honed my writing skill as a staff writer for the Arizona Capitol Times in Phoenix for three years, and have done freelance illustration work since the 1980s.

My boundless creative energy, masterful communication skills and unusual perspective enable me to create unique, dynamic imagery and text that help achieve any communication objective. I have a sharp eye for detail, and am obsessed about the clarity, effectiveness, and overall quality of my work.

Consultant and Teacher

From May 2004 until May of 2010, I taught web design part-time at the University of Arizona. I revamped the curriculum for the Outreach College’s webmaster certificate program to provide a cutting-edge education in standards-based web design. I’ve taught everything from hand-coding HTML with CSS to image editing, user interface programming and usability. I also provide private business consultation.

An online version of my résumé is available for download here:

Chad Bush’s Résumé

Bilingual Musician and Artist

I’ve lived in the heart of central Mexico — in Morelia, Michoacán — for more than a year, and I speak, read and writes Spanish fluently, although English is my native tongue. I have a deep, personal appreciation for and sensitivity to Mexican and Latino culture.

I also am a live performing musician and recording artist in my “spare” time. I passionately play saxophone, wooden flutes, drums, synthesizers, guitar, and piano. I operate a digital audio production studio and record and produce surreal pop music which I give away and sell on my music and fine art website.

My hobbies also include hiking and camping in the beautiful Sonoran desert, yoga, bicycling, dancing, and surrealist painting.


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