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The problem with prefabricated websites

Every business and organization that deals with the public in any way needs to have a good website to succeed. People judge businesses based on their first impressions, and those impressions are increasingly online via websites — and also increasingly through website interaction with phones or tablets instead of desktop computers.

These days, there are a lot of ways approach getting and maintaining a website. Online services that offer tools for people who aren’t professional website developers to build websites without writing any code are investing millions in advertising to convince you that there’s no need to hire an expert.

These services offer a selection of prefabricated, cookie-cutter templates to choose from, and usually also include a drag-and-drop interface to enable non-programmers to cobble together website pages. They tend to require only a small financial investment up front, a bit of time to learn how to use the do-it-yourself webpage builder, then an ongoing fee to keep everything running once it’s launched.

While a cheap, DIY website might be sufficient for a hobbyist, it’s not good enough to compete in today’s world with websites and web applications custom designed and programmed by experts. Unfortunately, even a lot of professionals use the same DIY page builders and prefab templates to create websites, then charge serious money to cobble them together. Only the best agencies create websites and web apps from scratch.

The difference with custom websites

I specialize in creating custom websites. If we work together, your website will be unique on Earth. If you use a prefab template, chances are that dozens or even hundreds of other companies will have websites nearly identical to yours.

A custom design involves much more than pasting your logo into a corner of the page and changing a few colors. Design is an integral part of marketing, and there are a lot of factors that need to be considered to make a website perform at its best. An expert designer with the ability to make a website do whatever works best for your business — instead of whatever works best for the template — is necessary to take your website to the next level.

The front end of the website is not the only thing that suffers from a cookie-cutter approach. These days, most websites include content management systems, which are software applications that enable non-technical people to edit and manage website content. When I create a website, I also customize the back-end website managment interface that my clients and their teams use to keep the website content up to date, whether that means publishing blog posts, adding videos to pages, creating photo galleries or whatever needs to be done.

A one-size-fits-all approach to website content management costs businesses a lot of ongoing time and money, since it’s designed to work for any situation. A custom-programmed setup boosts efficiency and saves time and money by giving businesses specific, custom-made tools to manage just the type of content they need to handle.

About Chad Bush

Raven’s Eye Design, LLC is owned and operated by me, Chad Bush.

Skilled, focused creative pro

I’ve been a communications professional for three decades. I’ve been a full-time Tucson web designer since the early days of the Internet, and I’ve run a full-service website and graphic design agency since 1999.

My background includes a wide range of skills and professional experiences. I also collaborate with a network of other experts whenever necessary.

I’ve been a musician and artist all my life. I started my professional career as a staff writer for for the Arizona Capitol Times in Phoenix in the early 1990s. After a few years as a journalist, I pivoted into graphic design and prepress production. As soon as I started working as a graphic designer I embraced website development and simultaneously learned to program with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and related tools.

It’s been my lifelong journey to hone creativity as a craft, focusing that energy from the mysterious well of untamed resources into code and design that get results for my clients. I’ve a sharp eye for detail, and I’m a bit obsessive about clarity, usability and the overall quality of my work.

Consultant and teacher

My clients and former students say I’m a natural teacher. I provide empathic and expert training to all my clients, making it as easy as possible to manage their websites. I also have years of experience teaching in classrooms.

In the mid 2000s — for more than five years — I taught web app programming and graphic design part-time at the University of Arizona. I revamped the curriculum for the Outreach College’s webmaster certificate program to provide a cutting-edge education in standards-based web design. I’ve taught everything from hand-coding HTML with CSS to image editing, user interface programming and usability.

I also taught English as a second language for six months in central Mexico in the mid-1990s. I lived in the heart of central Mexico, in Morelia, Michoacán, for more than a year. I speak, read and write fluent Spanish. While my native tongue is English, I enjoy a deep appreciation of Mexican and Latino culture.

Music, art and nature lover

I also am a live performing musician and recording artist in my “spare” time. I passionately play saxophone, wooden flutes, drums, synthesizers, guitar, and piano. I operate a digital audio production studio and record and produce surreal pop music which I give away and sell on my music and fine art website.

My hobbies also include hiking and camping in the beautiful Sonoran desert, yoga, bicycling, dancing, and surrealist painting. I also like to travel, explore new places, and connect with wild birds and critters as often as possible.

Professional graphic print design

I focus mostly on website design and development these days, but I have decades of experience in graphic design and I still have the skills and tools to create anything you might need. This can be especially useful when creating integrated marketing toolkits that include a website, branding design, business cards, brochures and advertising that all work well together.

In addition to my ability to deliver graphic design and printed materials, I speak the technical language of printing and graphics and I can work closely with other graphics professionals to deliver the best possible end product to your business or organization.

I’ve worked in production houses that did design and layout of textbooks for large publishers, and I have dozens of graphic design projects in my portfolio including logos, brochures, books, magazines, catalogs, business cards, post cards, advertising and more.

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