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Here’s what clients say about their experience
working with Raven’s Eye Design.

Our brochures turned out beautifully! The doctor said ‘wow’ when he saw the final product. Thank you for the great work.

— Erin Garcia, Premier Surgery Center of Tucson

I couldn’t be happier with our new website, including future possibilities for more sophisticated offerings which I haven’t fully taken advantage of yet. Chad’s continued service is also stellar — artful, responsive and expediant! I’ve been receiving accolades for the website, its high visual quality, organization and features. Raven’s Eye Design is the best!

Linda Kohanov, bestselling author of Tao of Equus and other books

Just wanted to say how refreshing it is to work with you. Typically, many of the website builders/designers that I've worked with don't understand how to blend usability, design or SEO, or I've worked with graphic designers who don't understand usability and forget that it's not about them but the user. The website looks great on my iPhone and my Android phone. Really, really nice. The layout is just fantastic.

— Gail Francisco, project director, Stockton Healers Cooperative

Working with Raven’s Eye Design restored my faith in the possibility that a contract service provider can be fun, easy to work with, highly talented, a great communicator, fast, and professional. Chad’s working style, timeliness and expertise surpassed my expectations and high standards. I give him and his work my highest recommendation.

— Rebecca Coleman, founder/CEO, Ocean Embodiment, LLC

Our website is beautiful. It’s clear and easy to read and immensely pleasant to look at. Thank you so much.

— Chandra Lear, Lapis Ensemble

For the first time, I am very excited about this. I think this might be the best website ever! It’s impressive, fun, easy, beautiful, and everything appears to work perfectly. Bravo!

— Jack Allis, author

Raven’s Eye Design creates a superb blend of innovation, perfection and intelligence. Chad is open-minded, conscientious, quick, and pays close attention to details. His prices are very affordable for his level of expertise. I recommend him without a doubt to anybody wanting to increase her visibility and income.

— Courtney Sheets, Shiatsu therapist and jewelry artist

I don’t know what I would do without Chad and his web management services. Surely, I would not even have a website! Raven’s Eye Design continues to be quick and efficient with updates, and creative with new designs to keep my site timely. Great service, great prices!

— Susan Chernak McElroy, author

I respect and appreciate not only your technical savvy, but your creative abilities to make websites look so awesome. There are a lot of packaged and free themes out there, but they all look like ‘Wordpress sites’ — you can pick them out instantly. Our sites do not look like all the rest. Thanks again!

— Peter Klein, Shamanic Astrology Mystery School

Chad Bush truly has a 'raven’s eye' that sees the big picture in fine detail. Once I viewed his portfolio, I knew he was the wizard who could make my ideas and visions real. His designs are bursting with energy and originality and I was thrilled to work with him.

— Pamela Asherah, Sun Story Video

As an Account Executive with Arizona Lithographers, I have had the pleasure of working with Chad in front of clients and internally with our staff. Chad excels at looking at the big picture of client needs, he has the ability to assess a situation and see long term. This benefits our clients in saving time and money initially and with repeat printing needs. Chad also has excellent writing and communication skills and has assisted in solidifying new accounts for me.

— Jean Anderson, Account Executive, Arizona Lithographers

Given the challenge of creating a website that would appeal to both adults and youth, Chad did a fantastic job. Chad was extremely patient and provided the draft site and revisions quickly. Thanks for all your great work.

— Susan Pater, U of A Cochise County Cooperative Extension

We were very lucky to find Chad to revise and improve our website. He listened to our needs, preserved what we liked and transformed it into something we’re really proud of. Highly skilled, flexible and generous — just the creative problem-solver we needed!

— Pat and Terry, Tellens, Inc.

I was initially drawn to Chad’s aesthetic sensibility, but I quickly learned how much of a pleasure he is to work with. Given his combination of creativity, experience, and talent, Chad can troubleshoot any problem. My new website has brought distant job prospects within my reach. I am currently deciding between two excellent offers, thanks to Chad’s beautiful work!

Sukie Keita, dancer, musician, educator

Chad communicates a comprehensive understanding of web development. Prior to completing the Web Designer Certification at the UA, I had previously developed a number of websites. The training opened up new worlds of design possibilities for me through the use of CSS. Chad’s meticulous attention to detail and ‘learn by doing’ training approach gave me the tools I need to create standards compliant websites for my clients. I would highly recommend taking his courses or using him for a private business consultation.

— Cindy Grooms, Web Designer

I worked with Raven’s Eye Design on an extensive book project recently. The result was fabulous! I found designer Chad Bush to be well versed in the tools needed for the job, and very quick. I also had him put together my website, which he did in a matter of hours with significant enhancements to my original design. Because Raven’s Eye Design offers so many diverse skills, I can do just about everything for my marketing plan in one place with a consistent voice.

— Bruce Bowditch, Third Eye Studio

Thank you for all the hard work you put into our new website! It has the clean design we were looking for, and the user-friendly simplicity we needed even though it’s more in depth than what we had before. It also loads quickly. From the time you took the job until completion, you kept on schedule, kept us on schedule and made the design and creation process a priority. I was amazed at the speed with which you were able to complete changes and updates. This kept everyone on schedule and did not allow us to put our website on the back burner, which we probably would have had you not been holding the reins. Great job! I would recommend your services to anyone!

— Kristin Gray, I Do In Tucson

Thanks to you and the training I received at The UA, I was able to design a standards-based website…. I certainly appreciate the tips you gave me, and I hope that you will continue to teach and inspire web designers and developers.

— Christopher A. Scott, web designer

Chad Bush of Raven’s Eye Design is a rare diamond that we found in a vast heap of coal. His high creative energy and superior quality of workmanship and excellent communications are everything we needed to get our business out of the hanger and up and flying.

— BB Cane, owner, BC Records

Chad has been the most patient web designer I have worked with from conception to completion of my website. His attention to details and willingness to honor every request that I made in the creative process made the whole project both enjoyable and educational. On top of his dedication to do great work, he thinks on behalf of his clients and his flexibility in working with my needs and timing enhanced the smooth delivery of a new website. It was a pleasure working with Chad, he is a wonderful web designer with five-star business integrity.

— Priya Lin, fine artist and psychic

My website looks so pretty… I love the work, it’s so clean and dynamic! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you… You rock!

— Kephart Taiz, inventor and artist, Muv Free

My new website is getting rave reviews from all over Tucson, and beyond! Thanks again for your help.

— Gita, Laughter Yoga with Gita

I have to tell you that that I friggin’ love my ‘new’ website. It makes me want to do a whole bunch of art just so I can post it there and have it look so good! Yee-haw! You are truly the greatest.

— Sharon Anderson, fine artist

I interviewed several web designers. I chose Chad for several reasons. Each time I asked for a specific look, he made it happen. He has a can-do attitude with a willingness to research any challenge to achieve a successful result. He’s responsive and came up with fresh, new ideas using state-of-the-art technology. I love the flexibility to quickly update my website. I get compliments all the time on the professional look and ease of navigation on my site. I also like the fact that it resembles no other website. I highly recommend Raven's Eye Design to propel your business forward.

— Bobby Soltero, Soltero Productions

When I began to rethink the design of my website I looked for several criteria in a web designer; aesthetic sensibility, cutting edge knowledge of web design and willingness to teach me. When I met Chad (Raven’s Eye Design) I sensed that he was the right fit. Chad not only met my expectations he exceeded them with his aesthetic eye and knowledge base, and delivered on all designated phases of the design. Redesigning my site with Chad was an enjoyable success!

Debra Kaplan, psychotherapist

You are amazing! Such a thorough and clear explanation. Thank you so much for the time you took…

— Mary Louise Gold, Apprentice/Instructor Liaison The Epona Center

All I can say is, ’Wow!’ Absolutely fantastic job. Chad, you have been thorough, professional, patient, and a collaborator on this project. Without apology, our passion and belief for what we do drives our desire to ‘get it as right as possible.’ On behalf of Touch Point Connection and the good we do for our community and others, we thank you.

— Howie Adams, Touchpoint Connection

‘Nice website!’ — This is just one of the many compliments I have received on my new website. I have people telling me every day how great it is. Thank you so much for your time and creation!

— Shelley Rosenberg, author

If you actually want to get things done, Raven’s Eye Design is the design company for you. Our small nonprofit service dog training organization has been trying to get a website built for more than a year. I have worked with three different designers, and found out the hard way that you really do get what you pay for. Chad is a pleasure to work with and very creative. If you don’t know anything about website technology, don’t worry. Chad educated us all along the way. He is very professional and did an excellent job for us, and we think our website looks great!

— Kay Mikel, Savvy Canines of Arizona

We get compliments on the new site from almost everyone we speak to and it is so easy for us to manage on the back end. You have done a fantastic job.

— Dollie Horst, Mountain Magic Ranch

Just wanted to say thank you for the great web site you created for me. I'm getting plenty of compliments! You really developed my ideas and thoughts into something personal and reflective of me. I wanted to say it was a pleasure working with you and a pleasant experience. Your creativity and ideas flowed effortlessly. Good job and good work!

— William Shoemaker, photographer

Our experience with Chad Bush at Raven’s Eye Design was extremely positive. He exceeded in the areas of communication as well as quality web design. Chad collaborated all our ideas and desires for our site and designed a great website that will be both user friendly and appealing to the eye. He gave us the ability to edit the content with ease and was more than willing to work with us on design adjustments and training on Wordpress editing.

— Liz Waldron, Adobe Veterinary Center

Chad is an excellent web designer and is very easy to work with. He is friendly, and explains the concepts well, especially to those of us who are not well-versed in code and web design. I would highly recommend his work as a graphic artist and web designer.

— Izetta Chambers, Naknek Family Fisheries

I am so pleased at the result — you are so talented. I wish you could hear the rave reviews. People are so impressed. Chad, you have been incredible to work with especially during a stressful time. Thank you for your patience and caring about us and our cause! We will think of you fondly every time we open the site.

— Kathleen Bethel, director of SARSEF

My website looks so nice and I love it! This is finally my dream come true! Other web designers gave me a hard time, but you are different. Good job!

— Margarita Adams, founder, Fundación de Hispanos Sordos
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