Graphic Design

I Know Printing

Raven’s Eye Design does a lot more than just create great designs… I produce materials that make printers happy. I handle all the technical stuff — such as color management, print resolution, trapping and font usage — with expertise.

My extensive background in the printing industry gives me an edge that most other designers lack, and your experience with printing through me — along with the cost of your job — will show it.

I’ll help you choose which printing and distribution approach is best for your marketing goals and your budget, and will design your stuff accordingly.

Raven’s Eye Design can either provide you with a finished, printed product or work with your choice of printer or service bureau… It’s up to you.

Advertising, Brochures and Posters

I know how to create an ad, brochure or poster that gets your point across clearly and gets the kind of attention you want.

You can rely on my advertising expertise to derive a marketing concept, or I’ll collaborate with your favorite advertising or public relations firm if you prefer.

Newsletters, Books and Publications

People often judge a book by its cover; let me design you a cover that will get people excited to read your book! I can create an eye-catching, easily readable newsletter, design an elegant book, or produce any other type of publication for you.

I have experience designing, laying out and editing all types of publications, ranging from 300-page textbooks to simple corporate newsletters. Just ask what I can do to meet your publication needs.

I also offer copy writing, editing, and translation (between English and Spanish) services.

Branding and Logos

Raven’s Eye Design offers unique, creative branding and logo design. I have expertise and talent with several fine art and illustration media that predate the computer age, such as pencils, charcoal, watercolors, acrylics, oils and sculpture.

Your company’s identity is one of your most important promotional tools. Raven’s Eye Design can learn about your organization and work closely with you or your team to create a logo — along with an overall visual theme — that conveys the essence of your product or service perfectly.

CD Covers and Packaging

If you’re a musician or a software or video producer, I can create an outstanding design for your CD or DVD product. I have years of experience crafting several types of CD jewel cases, and can handle almost any other package design task as well.

Raven’s Eye Design is particularly musician-friendly, and understands music and the special needs of creative performers and how best to design materials that will help them succeed.

Photo Manipulation

Do you have a photo with a serious flaw? An old, torn, worn out photo you’d like restored? How about removing Uncle Fred from that family portrait? I enjoy the challenge of photo manipulation, restoration and correction, and I offer it as an additional service.


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