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James Wood Teachings

Spiritual teacher James Wood

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Launched August2017

The Challenge

James Wood had with a do-it-yourself website to promote his book and his teachings. He needed a website to share teachings in various media. He also needed a new design to help convey the nature of his offerings.

The Solution

I worked closely with James Wood to create a custom design and branding that reflect the new website’s offerings. I created a new website with WordPress that displays multi-media content clearly as writings, audio and video. Custom controls make it easy to edit the content and location of the animated text on the home page.

I also set up an event calendar and a built-in system to enable selling and managing tickets to events. Everything works equally well on various types of screens.

The Result

The James Wood Teachings website features the latest teachings in various media. It includes an e-commerce system for selling one-on-one mentoring sessions and tickets to events. An event calendar announces upcoming events. A system that provides a free download in exchange for signing up for an email newsletter helps to build an audience.

James Wood Teachings website

I have known Chad Bush for years and know him to be a highly skilled, compassionate, and attentive web designer. He is easy to communicate with, has great integrity, and creates high-quality websites. When he helped design my book, he listened respectfully to my ideas for the project and efficiently delivered an excellent product. If you’re looking for a dedicated professional you can trust to produce exceptional results, Chad is your guy.

James Wood, spiritual teacher
James Wood Teachings website
James Wood Teachings website
James Wood Teachings website
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