Website Design

Elegant and functional

Raven’s Eye Design offers a full range of web design, development, maintenance and hosting services.

If you don’t have a website and are considering getting one, I’m happy to consult with you to help determine what type of site would best suit your needs. If you have a website that you’d like to improve, I excel at revamping websites to make them more beautiful, informative and functional.

Every design custom made

Each website I design is from scratch — a custom-made, elegant creation, never from a template. I can create anything from a simple, inexpensive brochure-style site to a complex, dynamic, interactive site with an image gallery, blog, forum, shopping cart, mailing list, animation and more.

Raven’s Eye Design combines a balance between immense creativity and meticulous code development and deployment, so with me you’ll get a great-looking site that works perfectly.

I’m always on top of the latest tricks and techniques, and I always write elegant HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP code using current industry best practices and open web standards. I take care to produce clean, fast-loading code and images, optimized for speed and efficiency across all the major web browsers and platforms.

Freedom to manage your own content

I specialize in building websites that you can manage yourself if you want to. Your website will include an administrative control panel that allows you to log in and update all its content: pages, text, images, videos and audio.

Currently, my favorite software to build websites with is WordPress, the most popular open source content management system on the planet, and I’m a highly trained expert at customizing it exactly to your needs.

Of course, if you don’t want to manage your website content, Raven’s Eye Design offers a selection of maintenance plans (coming soon) to handle everything for you.

Built to web standards

I design every website using the principles of the open web, or standards-based design. In plain English, this means that I create code and images that are sure to save you money, time and trouble in the present and to keep your pages functioning properly well into the future.

Websites designed by Raven’s Eye Design are built to look great on all popular browsers, and to be accessible to people with special needs or who use mobile devices to access the web.

Get your site online

To complement my awesome web design and development services, I’m up to date with knowledge of the best premium website hosting services available, and I’ll set your site up on a fast, reliable platform for you. Currently, I recommend WP Engine for premium website hosting.


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